Sonoma, CA Fence & Deck Building

Borg fence has been building fences and decks throughout Sonoma County for over 15 years.  The company and staff love working in the Sonoma area because of beautiful scenery and friendly environment.

Borg Fence has been building decks, fences, arbors and enhancing outdoor living spaces in the Sonoma area for over 15 years.  The quality of our materials and workmanship is something that we take great pride in.  Our materials are sourced locally from the finest manufacturers and we only align ourselves with the best in the business because that is what we seek to be in our industry.

Borg Fence is a fence and deck company that proudly serves the Sonoma County area and is a company that takes great pride in the quality of service that is provided to our customers.  For Borg Fence it is not just about building great structures but it is about crating great experiences for our customers and great outdoor spaces to enjoy.

Fencing: Borg Fence is a fence company that builds redwood fences, iron fencing, chain link fences and deer fences throughout the Sonoma area.  Fencing is both functional and aesthetically nice to look at and it is a great way to define your home and yard space!

Function: Redwood fencing provides the most amount of privacy then the other fence options, and, is preferred by the majority of people, but iron fencing definitely offers a nice sophistication to any outdoor space it just may not provide you with the most amount of privacy.  Chain link fencing is the best way to keep out deer and other unwanted visitors that could damage your yard or plantings.

Decks: Decks are a great way to extend your living space into the outdoors.  They literally add square footage to your live-able space.  Outdoor spaces are great for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying nature’s beauty.  Redwood Decks are the most common type of deck that Borg Fence does four our customers.

Arbors: Arbors are a way to add a beautiful structure and interest to your yard.  Arbors create height and are great for defining pathways, bench areas and vine flowers wrap around them beautifully.  Arbors can me made with a round top or squared off top line.

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